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We also offer basic solutions for your communications infrastructure. It is very important in today's demanding high-tech world that you centralize all of your media. We build telecom/data/video closets and rooms to your specifications to provide you the neccesary security of having that central point along with all of the materials needed to organize your equipment. Also, having that central closet will ease the burdens of future maintenance.

VOICE - We can mount your equipment or build racks to make your telephone closet organized and more efficient. We do moves of basic telephone systems and placement of phones. Also we can install and confidure DSL modems and other small, basic devices that you need.

DATA - We build, install, or move your data closets to your specifications. We install ladder racks, relay racks, cabinets, wall-mounted fixtures securely for any of your equipment. We also can install your wireless access points, wireless routers, POS systems, or any other basic networking device you may need in your location.

VIDEO - We install amps and other video euipment, that you provide, and build your video closet to suit your needs. Feel safe knowing that all of your euipment is centralized.



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